Cute Light Pink Mini Whale Keychain

200.00 kr

A cute keychain with a handmade amigurumi whale motive!
The whale size is around 4×3,5 cm and the chain is about 10,5 cm long.
These cute little whales are made with 100% natural yarn, fiber filling and a pair of plastic safety eyes.


These little guys are made for order, they will always appear a little bit different from each other and not always exactly like the picture. The models used for the photos are not the key chain versions and only showcase the general design and color of the whales. (see picture in the gallery for a comparisons.)

The creation process can take up to 3 days tops depending on demand but should generally be finished within the same day as the order is made.

If you would like to buy one that is not a key chain, or possible have other questions about the product then please feel free to contact me on:



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